Chojun Miyagi
Gogen Yamaguchi


In conclusion, I would like to give some advice to future students of Karate-do:

(1) Spend a lot of time researching as many schools and instructors as possible, before choosing and joining one of them.
(2) Study the instructor’s attitudes towards their students, the behavior of the students, class discipline etc., before choosing.
(3) Once you make the commitment - if you are seriously intending to spend many years in Karate-do - stay with the one style and the one instructor.
(4) Study and develop that style fully.
(5) If you want to enter tournament competition, make your style work for you.
(6) All styles are effective if used properly. Every style has advantages and disadvantages. Learn what these are, and how to gain maximum advantage from using your strengths and overcoming your weaknesses.
(7) Don’t be selfish. Give as well as receive. Receive your instructor’s knowledge and, in return, give him your loyalty. (giri)

Paul Starling shihan