The 5 Secrets of Goju Ryu

Move quickly.

Sound, calm mind.

Be light in body.

Have a clever mind.

Master the basics.

What Do They Mean?

Move Quickly

This means exactly what it says. Standing around only gives your opponent time to attack. One who attacks agressively and does not let his opponent counter attack is a winner.

Sound, Calm Mind

One who meditates is in control of his thoughts. A calm mind does not jump to violence he knows that fighting is not the way. What this really means is "Think Clearly".

Be Light in Body

No, this does not mean "Don't be Fat". Being light in weight has little to do with this. What is being said is be light on your feet. Expect to move. Someone who remains still is easily knocked down. Someone who is afloat is hard to land an attack on. Mohammed Ali once said, "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee." This is the same principle.

Have a clever mind

Think. What will an opponent do? What have I left open? How can I use this to my advantage? Where is my opponent vulnerable? The fighter who uses his mind as well as his fists is the winner.

Master The Basics

This is self explanitory. One who has not yet learned to fight cannot fight. Once you have learned where to attack an opponent, and how, you can become a fighter. Learn.